Produce with PKI

Produce with PKI

The head character of PKI is the abbreviation for public.
There are many positive keywords begun from P.

As your principal partner, let's produce with PKI,Ltd.

*PKI: Public Key Infrastructure

About PKI,Ltd.

PKI,Ltd. founded in January 2015, and produces your business using the following technologies.

*Electronic Authentication, Electronic Signature, Cryptograph.
*Internet Security.
*Anti-Counterfeiting Traceability.
*Management System like ISMS.

One Point Message

Secure Comminication:

Not only network security but user authentication is important for secure communication.

In order to keep imformation confidentiality, user authentication is asked for the combination of the following somethings.

*"Something you know" like a password.
*"Something you have" like an IC card.
*"Something you are" like a fingerprint.

*Reference: FIPS201, NIST SP800-53, NIST SP800-63